Top cloud Computing Companies

Cloud computing companies are nowadays in everyone’s mind. From Wall Street to Main Street, it seems like everyone is talking about “The Cloud” and is the expert on this revolutionary technology, which has been enjoyed by the firms. Instead of purchasing or licensing computer software and storage to its customers, giving the option to meet your business computing requirements with the “You Go as a Payment” service, these vendors are redefining the traditional business model in this fashion Which makes them more adaptable and cost both. Ineffective at the same time

Top Cloud Computing Companies

Due to the market being very competitive and innovative for cloud computing services, it is not easy for most business owners to distinguish a large number of players. With the hopes of exploding for this industry in the coming years, only the increase in vendor data has increased.

So, what companies can you consider in the industry? The following ten companies were generally considered as top cloud computing companies by the end of 2011.

Amazon Web Services

In the opinion of the majority of the experts, the Cloud Computing Industry Front, Amazon has continued to promote competitiveness in both innovation and customer service in the past few years.

Verizon (Cloudswitch and Termerk)

Former rivals CloudSwitch and Terremark have been in a position to threaten Amazon for the number one spot in the Verizon industry, adding to its already large-scale cloud services infrastructure in the past year.

IBM (smart cloud)

Introduction of its new smart cloud service in early 2011, IT is the result of IT giant IBM’s new efforts, which attempts to introduce himself as a player in the tough market for enterprise consumers.

Sales force

By receiving Heroku and its strong platform as an expert expertise, kept the rest of the cloud industry on notice that it was not satisfied to rest on the popularity of its CRM software.

CSC (Computer Science Corporation)

Bizcloud, the start of CSC’s state-of-the-art service that enables customers to integrate their legacy IT systems with the latest infrastructure in the form of a service software package..


In the cloud-based income, only the second ranking for powerful Amazon, the racspace is moving towards being among the big boys with the recent acquisition of Cloud Management Technology expert Kludickk.


The undisputed king of the search engine spent the first six months of 2011 to earn more attractive attributes in their Google app engine service in the bid to earn a substantial share of enterprise business.

BlueLock (VMware Specialist)

One of the hottest competitors in this year’s cloud service market, Blocock joined the world leaders at VCE, which led a successful amendment in the Vicloud resources.

Microsoft cloud

One of the industry leaders in the market for social networking firms, web-based businesses and mobile providers, Microsoft receives high grades regularly for its popular Azure cloud service.


In fact, separating itself with their own private cloud technology solutions, Joynt collaborated with Dell to develop a revolutionary out-the-box cloud infrastructure solution for customers.

Which of the major cloud computing companies is best for your needs?

Because there is a lot of expertise in offering services there, there is clearly not a cloud computing provider which can undoubtedly be called the “best option” for all customers’ needs. Instead, each firm has expertise in the platform as a service in Cloud Management, Infrastructure, or as a service. Determining which cloud computing companies meet your home or business needs is not that hard, but it helps you if you have a clear idea about your particular needs.

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