Cloud Computing For Business

Do you know what Cloud Computing is? Recent surveys reveal more than half of the business owners, who are shy because most businesses are already using cloud-computing services – even without realizing it. Important for businesses, cloud computing provides cost-effective methods for managing and developing technology, while improving capital and productivity improvements. So, what is […]

History Behind Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has come a long way in various stages. Customers can use web-based tools or apps through a web browser such as they were programs installed locally on their computers. The wiki of Florida State University of Healthinformatics says that the term “cloud” was coined as a metaphor for the Internet, which was generated […]

Future Trends of Cloud Computing

With cloud computing, the sky is actually the limit! It has been agreed by most technology firms, research analysts and even top IT enterprises that the future of information technology is in the clouds. In spite of criticism by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison in 2010, who tagged Cloud computing as another fad, further said that […]

Security of cloud computing

Cloud computing has become popular because the enterprise is constantly looking to cut costs from outsourcing of software, as a service (as a service) to third parties, thereby allowing them to focus on their main business activities. . With cloud computing, ventures save on setting up their own IT infrastructure, which would otherwise be expensive […]

What types of hardware are required to host cloud computing?

At this time, in the traditional model, cloud computing is normally deployed. By conventional model I mean that anyone can have a server to complete the database tier or application tier, which is a nearly ‘silo’ model based model. But, after cloud computing, efficient hardware and manpower (refer to my example of the restaurant) is […]

Why Cloud Computing is Important

Help companies save money Companies can save a lot of money in their investment in cloud computing technologies that can help organizations to take over the burden of the acquisition of servers, software, and such people, who are engaged in enterprise services, shared technology solutions and customized or custom-lock deployment Are required. Shelf solution required […]

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