If you have been around computers for any length, then you have heard about this new form of cloud programming. Cloud programming is basically a web based program that allows you to provide internet service from anywhere. Instead of programming on your local personal computer, programs are loaded into several mega server farms. This is a basic definition of the future wave of cloud based computing. This style programming is brand new and it is believed that it is taking the computer industry into its own right.

Some programs that are cloud based.

You’ve probably heard about Skype. Skype is a very popular voice and video chat on the internet system. Now Skype wants to step in the world of cloud computing. Hopefully soon they will make that change.

Panda Claude Antivirus is another company using cloud computing. This antivirus program sends files and data to Panda servers, which monitors to evaluate the data whether the file is harmful or not. I have noticed that Panda Cloud Antivirus also offers a paid projection in addition to their free cloud-based antivirus program which provides total protection to your computer. What I found using Panda is that it frees up many resources of a computer system on your local computer. Due to Panda it is a cloud-based program, it is a light antivirus agent connected to Panda Labs server in real time via an internet connection. Because it only loads a very small program on your computer and does everything on the Internet that hardly impacts your local personal computer performance.

Cloud antivirus software

Panda Cloud is a very useful tool that also helps in the prevention of the malware hazards for your computer system. This last year Panda Labs based program added new security protection against all types of malicious web-based sites. By adding these security measures, your system is protected before malicious downloads or your local computer system can be attacked.

Panda Cloud makes the antivirus so desirable as this company uses cloud computing, so in return, it frees up your local computer system and does not cut the resources of your computer. The one thing that I always hate with traditional antivirus programs is that when they are updating signatures on my local system, it actually reduces the speed of my computer and my computer internet. Generally an antivirus program has to download virus signatures on your computer but because Panda is a cloud-based program, it is not necessary to pull the display of your local system because the need to download the signature on your local machine Not there. Therefore, this antivirus program creates a more light weight program on your local system and because there is no delay in updating, Panda Cloud creates a more attractive antivirus program.

Updated: December 27, 2018 — 5:36 pm

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